At Greenville Cardiovascular Associates, our cardiologists offer comprehensive heart care. It is our mission to prevent, diagnose and treat cardiovascular diseases with our extensive knowledge, experience and cutting-edge technology.

Diagnostic testing

  • Exercise Stress Test - This is a test that uses an electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) to record your heart's electrical activity while walking on a treadmill. The test is performed to help evaluate chest pain and how your heart is functioning.
  • Holter Recording - A Holter recorder is a device that continuously records the electrical activity of your heart for 24 hours. The recorder records your heartbeat while you perform your usual daily activities. You wear the recorder and keep a diary to report symptoms or events to help your cardiologist determine if your symptoms are related to an abnormality of your heart rhythm.
  • Event Monitor - An Event Monitor is a small recording device that looks similar to a pager. You are given a recorder to use for 30 days and you push a button to record your heart activity any time you experience symptoms. The recorder records your heart activity for about 2 minutes and helps your cardiologist determine whether your symptoms are related to an abnormal heart rhythm.
  • ECG or EKG - An electrocardiogram demonstrates how your heart's electrical system is working. The ECG senses and records the flow of electrical current through the muscle cells in your heart. The results are printed on a strip of paper or recorded electronically.